Career Summary:

A friend of mine recently offered this LinkedIn summary advice: "Don't start with the present and then go Tarantino-ing into the past." This is fitting advice for life in general.

Early in my career, while interviewing at Citigroup for an administrative role, the HR Director asked if I would consider joining her team instead. When I admitted that I had no HR experience, she replied, "Great. No bad habits." That interview kicked off a career in Human Resources at Fortune 100 companies that spanned six years. 

In 2008, after being affected by a mass layoff, I freelanced as a Social Media Consultant, created a humor and pop culture blog, and spent time volunteering. In an unusual twist, Apple invited me to interview for a sales role at their newest retail store in Greenwich, CT. During several rounds of interviews, I was candid about my limited Apple knowledge. The reply was always the same: "Apple, we can teach. We can't teach personality." 

Apple moves fast. Multi-tasking was a requirement. I thrived on that. Most of what I know about hustle, precision, compassion, empathy, patience and teamwork, I learned during my two years at Apple. I entered that phase of my career as a "normal" person and emerged a "nerd." I have no regrets.

While my early career focused on people, it evolved to include operational efficiency and a look into how developing technologies can shape how a company does business. That evolution led to a managerial position at a cosmetics company's New York City headquarters which afforded me the opportunity to further hone my leadership skills, ultimately leading to a role at the Red Cross where I was a director of a regional branch of an international entity.

The main theme of my professional life has been stepping outside of my comfort zone -- not once or twice -- but throughout my career. I have recently made a transition into an exciting corporate sales role and I can't wait to see what comes next!

How's that for not Tarantino-ing?

Please reach out to me at if you'd like to connect!

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Awards & Certifications:

Apple, Inc:
Apple Ovation Award for #1 Genius Team in the company
Certified Apple, Inc. Small Device Technician

American Red Cross:
Ranked second in the country for Volunteer Engagement (out of 62 regions) for FY15.


Sense of humor
Building relationships
Work ethic
Utilizing and teaching technology

People Who Like Me:

Apple Inc.

“Jennifer was one of the most organized, upbeat, and professional people I have ever worked with. Her customer focus and initiative set a high standard for the team and she was always able to find the right line between satisfying customer requests and supporting company policy. A true self-starter, Jennifer was efficient and pro-active in everything she did. As a team-member, she was a pleasure to work with. I would recommend Jennifer as a valuable asset in any business environment.” 

1st Paul Einarsen, Genius, Apple Inc.
worked directly with Jennifer at Apple Inc.

“During the 2 years that I had worked with Jennifer, I could see that she was a highly respected and admired individual among both peers and customers, alike. She is always willing to help out her team in any way possible and always does it with a smile. Jennifer has incredible energy and is always up for any challenge placed before her. Jennifer is driven and highly self-motivated and I strongly recommend Jennifer as an asset to any team! It was always a pleasure working with her.” 

1st Delia Drumm, Genius, Apple Inc.
worked directly with Jennifer at Apple Inc.

“I've had the pleasure to work with Jennifer at Apple Inc. Not only is she hard working, dedicated and engaged in her work, but she has a wonderfully contagious personality and sense of humor! She was also a great mentor to me, making things really easy to understand, as she trained me in a new role when she was given a new opportunity elsewhere.” 

1st Cristina Calabrese, Director of Operations, The Digital Arts Experience 

worked with Jennifer at Apple Inc.

“In my 2 plus years working with Jennifer at Apple I would be hard pressed to find someone more professional or more multifunctional than her. She was not only excellent at multitasking large projects but had a passion for her work that I have seldom seen. In projects we worked on together she was often ahead of the game and gave me the opportunity to focus on my tasks as i knew her to always produce great work so I never had to worry about it. I would highly recommend Jennifer to any company or individual as she is highly talented, focused and driven. It was a pleasure to have had the opportunity to work with her.” 

1st Lance Pendleton, Market Trainer, Apple
managed Jennifer indirectly at Apple Inc.

As the Learning & Development Manager at the Connecticut General Assembly, one of my roles is that of coach, particularly in the area of career management. Jennifer’s career aspirations and her determination have impressed me more than anyone I have ever worked with over the years. She takes action, embraces change, and possesses what I feel is an essential ingredient to career success – passion. Not only does Jennifer possess the ability and knowledge to succeed as a business partner, her character and enthusiasm make her a pleasure to work with. 

- Jim Tamburro, Learning & Development Manager, Connecticut General Assembly, 2002

Jennifer has worked hard to increase her knowledge of HR and the business that we support. She has made great strides in developing relationships with the line managers and employees. She is a great writer and communicates very well in the written form. When I was out of the office, she stepped up and handled all of the HR responsibilities without prompting. She is my partner; the consummate team player and role model. 

- Catherine McCauley, Director, Human Resources, Citigroup Asset Management (now Legg Mason) 2002-2006

Jennifer does an excellent job of keeping the team informed on a timely basis, and has been very open to suggestions on how she can be even more effective. For example, Jennifer took the initiative to reach out to the newer recruiters so that she could facilitate smoother delivery of information (including updates) from them. I have seen a marked improvement in the quality of information Jennifer is able to provide to us. Jennifer is always very responsive to questions and with helping to resolve issues encountered. 

- Shari Tepper, Partner, Ernst & Young, LLP, 2007

Jennifer’s communication skills are what I depend upon. Her interpersonal and organizational capabilities are unparalleled. I have appointed Jennifer to several leadership positions and have always been pleased with the results. Jennifer has proven to be both capable and trustworthy in an environment that demands both. I have entrusted confidential information into her care, and I have never been disappointed with her ethics and procedures for handling both time-sensitive and issue-sensitive materials. 

- Senator Joseph J. Crisco, 17th District, State of Connecticut, 2002