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Career Summary:

Early in my career, while interviewing at Citigroup for an administrative role, the HR Director asked if I would consider joining her team instead. When I admitted that I had no Human Resources experience, she replied, "Great. No bad habits." That interview was the beginning of a career in HR at Fortune 100 companies that spanned six years. 

In 2008, after being affected by a mass layoff, I free-lanced as a Social Media Consultant, created a humor and pop culture blog, and spent time volunteering. In an unusual twist, I was contacted by Apple to interview for a sales role. During several rounds of interviews, I was candid about my limited Apple knowledge. The reply was always the same: "Apple, we can teach. We can't teach personality." 

I began my Apple journey when I was hired as a Specialist in 2009 (and was promoted to Genius Administrator within a year.) By the time I left Apple, I could take a computer apart and put it back together, run diagnostics on a different computer, replace the screen on an iPhone, and direct any number of Geniuses on their tasks for the day, often all at the same time. 

Apple moves fast. Multi-tasking was a requirement. I thrived on that. Most of what I now know about hustle, precision, compassion, empathy, patience and teamwork, I learned during my two years at Apple. 

In 2011, I accepted an opportunity to manage a medical makeup office in New York City and later a second location in Los Angeles. 

Today, I am the Director of Volunteer and Youth Engagement for the Connecticut and Rhode Island Region of the American Red Cross (where I was formerly the Disaster Workforce Engagement Manager and a volunteer before that!)

I enjoy helping volunteers who seek to make a difference in their communities and I thrive on placing them in new and challenging roles within the organization. 

Please reach out to me at jen@jcallahan.net if you'd like to connect!
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Awards & Certifications:

Apple Ovation Award for #1 Genius Team
Certified Apple, Inc. Small Device Technician


Sense of humor
Building relationships
Work ethic
Utilizing and teaching technology

People Who Like Me:

Apple Inc.

“Jennifer was one of the most organized, upbeat, and professional people I have ever worked with. Her customer focus and initiative set a high standard for the team and she was always able to find the right line between satisfying customer requests and supporting company policy. A true self-starter, Jennifer was efficient and pro-active in everything she did. As a team-member, she was a pleasure to work with. I would recommend Jennifer as a valuable asset in any business environment.” 

1st Paul Einarsen, Genius, Apple Inc.
worked directly with Jennifer at Apple Inc.

“During the 2 years that I had worked with Jennifer, I could see that she was a highly respected and admired individual among both peers and customers, alike. She is always willing to help out her team in any way possible and always does it with a smile. Jennifer has incredible energy and is always up for any challenge placed before her. Jennifer is driven and highly self-motivated and I strongly recommend Jennifer as an asset to any team! It was always a pleasure working with her.” 

1st Delia Drumm, Genius, Apple Inc.
worked directly with Jennifer at Apple Inc.

“I've had the pleasure to work with Jennifer at Apple Inc. Not only is she hard working, dedicated and engaged in her work, but she has a wonderfully contagious personality and sense of humor! She was also a great mentor to me, making things really easy to understand, as she trained me in a new role when she was given a new opportunity elsewhere.” 

1st Cristina Calabrese, Director of Operations, The Digital Arts Experience 

worked with Jennifer at Apple Inc.

“In my 2 plus years working with Jennifer at Apple I would be hard pressed to find someone more professional or more multifunctional than her. She was not only excellent at multitasking large projects but had a passion for her work that I have seldom seen. In projects we worked on together she was often ahead of the game and gave me the opportunity to focus on my tasks as i knew her to always produce great work so I never had to worry about it. I would highly recommend Jennifer to any company or individual as she is highly talented, focused and driven. It was a pleasure to have had the opportunity to work with her.” 

1st Lance Pendleton, Market Trainer, Apple
managed Jennifer indirectly at Apple Inc.

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